Mission statement

BAYA's goal is to (co-)produce various full-length films, documetaries or short films per year.

BAYA distinguishes between three target groups:

1. Tax shelter investors

BAYA‘s objective is to remain or to become an eminent partner in diminishing high tax rates for every Belgian company through tax shelters. BAYA can guarantee this service because the company is part of a solvent holding. Nonetheless, BAYA continues to be flexible towards your specific needs and is enthusiastic about long-term cooperation.

2. Co-producers

BAYA wants to diversify between its own productions and co-productions. The co-productions can be merely financial but they can also combine the financial and the executive. BAYA is a byword for friendly cooperation, efficient task management and an enthusiastic finishing.

3. Talent (screenwriters, documentary makers, directors, actors, …)

A great film begins with a great screenplay. That is why BAYA continues to be on the look-out for good stories and film talent of any kind.