Quichote’s Island

San lives on the border between dream and reality. He does not have any friends and his father is absorbed in his job. When San meets the attractive Isabelle, he falls head-over-heels in love for the first time. Unfortunately, rebellious Isabelle is not at all interested in him. Misunderstood, San escapes from this harsh reality. The unpredictable Quixote is waiting for him there. He has an ingenious plan to conquer Isa’s heart, nevertheless. Until San witnesses a drugs deal that unravels, causing irreversible consequences. In the quest for the offender, all of the traces lead to the disappeared San...

Genre: Live action film - Coming of age
Produced by: Vivi Film
Co-produced by: Luna Blue film - Elektrischer Schnellseher, BAYA
Directed by: Didier Volckaert
Screenplay by: Didier Volckaert & Peter Vandekerckhove
Music by: Hans Lamal
Cast: Tiemen Van Haver, Jeroen Willems & Eline Kuppens
Running time: 75 minutes